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Army Surplus ACU Poncho Liner

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This US Army Poncho Liner, also known as a "woobie blanket", will keep you warm and dry in wet weather. Constructed with an outer layer of ripstop nylon and polyester batting, its designed to repel moisture and dry quickly. It can be used as an extra layer under a poncho, a blanket to insulate against the cold ground, or a cover to protect gear from the elements. Measures 89" x 63".

Why choose this poncho liner?

  • Genuine MilSpec U.S. army surplus gear
  • Can be worn under ponchos or used as a blanket
  • Water resistant material dries quickly when wet
  • Ties can be used to lash liner to poncho or other gear
  • ACU digital pattern provides camouflage across diverse terrain

Why not?

  • Poncho not included
  • No head hole to be worn on its own

Pro tip:
Multi-scale camouflage is created by computers combining patterns at two or more scales. This usually (but not always) results in a pixelated digital pattern and provides effective camouflage over a range of distances. The Canadian Forces were the first army to use digital camouflage fatigues.

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