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Rails & Mounts & Sights

If you’re looking for the best Gun Gear, then our selection at Gorilla Surplus is the right place! We offer a large number of high-quality gun gear, from Gun Holsters to Scopes and Laser Pointers. Scopes and Rails are some of our most popular products. If you are looking for Bi-Pods or Rifle Slings, we also have you covered. At Gorilla Surplus, we work hard to offer the very best products at the best price. Find the latest products and the best prices here on our online store. If you are looking for any other specific Gun Gear, such as Grips & Foregrips or even Rails & Mounts & Sights but cannot find them, then let us know – We are always looking for New Products to add to our website.

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Gun Gear

Enhance Your Shooting Experience with Quality Gun Gear!

Discover a wide range of top-notch gun gear at Gorilla Surplus, designed to elevate your shooting performance and comfort. Whether you're a professional shooter, avid hunter, or tactical enthusiast, we have the gear you need to optimize your firearms. Explore the various categories of gun gear available on our website:

Grips & Foregrips:

Grips and foregrips are essential attachments that enhance firearm handling and control. Grips, positioned at the rear of the firearm, provide a comfortable and ergonomic grip for better control and reduced recoil. Foregrips, mounted at the front, improve stability and accuracy by allowing for a more secure grip and better muzzle control.


Scopes are optical devices mounted on firearms to magnify targets and improve accuracy. They feature reticles and adjustments for precise aiming at varying distances, making them essential for long-range shooting, hunting, and tactical engagements. Scopes come in a range of magnifications and reticle designs to suit different shooting preferences and environments.

Laser Pointers:

Laser pointers project a visible laser beam onto the target, aiding in rapid target acquisition and enhancing accuracy. Laser pointers come in different colors and power levels, allowing shooters to customize their aiming aids based on their needs and shooting environments.

Rails, Mounts & Sights:


Rails, such as Picatinny or Weaver rails, provide a versatile platform for attaching accessories to your firearm. They allow for the attachment of optics, lights, grips, and other tactical gear, enabling customization and optimization of your firearm for different shooting scenarios.


Mounts securely attach accessories to rails, ensuring stability and reliability during use. They come in various designs and configurations to accommodate different types of accessories and firearm setups, providing a solid foundation for your gear attachments.


Sights are aiming devices that help align your firearm with the target. They come in various types, including iron sights, red dot sights, holographic sights, and magnified optics. Sights improve accuracy, speed up target acquisition, and enhance overall shooting performance in diverse shooting environments.


Gun slings are straps or harnesses that allow you to carry your firearm comfortably and securely. They provide hands-free mobility, reduce fatigue during extended carry periods, and offer quick access to your weapon when needed. Slings come in different designs, including single-point, two-point, and three-point slings, catering to different carry preferences and shooting styles.

Gun Holsters:

Gun holsters are specially designed carriers that securely hold your firearm, providing safe storage and quick access when required. They come in various styles, including belt holsters, shoulder holsters, and thigh holsters, offering versatile carry options for different shooting activities and environments. Holsters ensure your firearm is always within reach and securely retained during movement.


Bi-pods are support devices with two legs that attach to the front of your firearm, providing stability and reducing movement during shooting. They are ideal for precision shooting, long-range engagements, and tactical scenarios where a stable shooting platform is essential.

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